7 West Virginia workers injured in explosion

There are a variety of different work-related injuries that Kanawha County residents can incur while on the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the most common types of workplace injuries are sprains and strains, bruises, fractures and burns. Workers should be aware of the severity of burn injuries and the tremendous pain and suffering that burns can cause.

Burn injuries

In Doddridge County, seven workers were injured while working at a gas well drilling pad when an explosion occurred. Four of these injured workers were injured extremely seriously and incurred burns that were potentially life-threatening. These four individuals were quickly transferred to a nearby burn center while the others were taken to the hospital, says the Sunday Gazette-Mail. The current condition of these workers is not known.

Although these individuals were harmed working on a gas well, the most common place where burn injuries occur is in fast food establishments. According to the Burn Foundation, approximately 12,000 burn-related injuries occur every year in the fast food sector. These burns can be caused by:

  • Exposure to hot liquids, steam, oil and grease
  • Contact with hot foods and sauces
  • Grills, stoves or other hot surfaces
  • Grease or oil fires
  • Electrical wires that are not properly contained

Fast food employees should always follow proper safety precautions to avoid burns such as using safety equipment, using stoves and other hot surfaces with care and putting out grease fires by covering the fire instead of putting it out with water.

Treatment for burns

Depending on the severity of the burn, different treatment options are available. The National Institute of General Medical Services states that just a few decades ago, severe burn injuries were usually fatal. Due to research and advancement in treatment, individuals that are burned on over 90% of their body can expect to survive. However, they are often forced to live a life with multiple scars or impairments.

Individuals that survive a severe burn injury often must live with the effects of their injuries for many years. There are many psychological issues that burn survivors deal with such as sadness, disbelief, anxiety and anger in addition to problems with self-esteem and physical impairments. Many burn survivors find that they do not look the same after their burn injury and that they are incapable of fulfilling their roles as a parent or at work for weeks, months or years after the accident.

If you were injured in a work-related accident and suffered from a severe burn injury, contact a personal injury attorney that can discuss with you what your rights are.