Chemical Plant Workers Exposed To Asbestos Deserve Compensation

Workers at chemical plants in West Virginia and other states may have been exposed to asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer or cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. If you or a loved one developed an asbestos-related illness, you may be entitled to compensation.

When you suffer from serious illnesses related to asbestos exposure, you deserve compensation. You deserve to get it as soon as possible. At James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C., our attorney is highly experienced in these types of cases. We know where to go to get crucial evidence and build a strong argument on your behalf. You can trust that we are giving you the best chance at a successful outcome.

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We Represent Chemical Plant Workers And Their Families

In chemical plants, asbestos was commonly used in insulation, pipes and plumbing, boilers, tanks, columns, vessels, gaskets, packing, pumps and valves, protective clothing and blankets, and construction. As a result, workers may have breathed in dust containing asbestos. The list of chemical plants where workers may have been exposed to asbestos is long and includes:

  • Allied Chemical Company in Nitro, West Virginia
  • Allied Chemical Plant in Moundsville, West Virginia
  • Celanese Chemical in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
  • Diamond Shamrock-Chemicals Inc. in Kingwood, West Virginia
  • DuPont Chemical Plant in Beech Bottom, West Virginia
  • Fike Chemical in Nitro, West Virginia
  • General Chemical in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
  • Mobay Chemical Plant in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Mobay Chemical Plant-Bayer in New Martinsville, West Virginia
  • Mobay Chemical-Miles Corp. in New Martinsville, West Virginia
  • Monsanto Chemical in New Martinsville, West Virginia
  • Monsanto Chemical in New Martinsville, West Virginia
  • Monsanto Chemical Plant-Solutia and Monsanto Chemical in Nitro, West Virginia
  • Novamont Chemical-Aristech in Kenova, West Virginia
  • Occidental Chemical in Belle, West Virginia
  • Pantasote Chemical in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
  • PPG Industries Chemical Plant in Natrium, West Virginia
  • Stauffer-AKZO Chemical in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
  • Union Carbide Chemical Plants in Anmoore, Institute, Sistersville and South Charleston, West Virginia

The dangers of asbestos were known for decades before it was banned. Companies that knew of the dangers, but did not alert workers are potentially liable for resulting injuries. Cancer symptoms typically appear 15 to 30 years or longer after exposure to asbestos. Our lawyer represents both workers and family members of workers who have died from asbestos-related illness.

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