We Provide Vital Support, Reassurance And Results

Victims of mesothelioma and their families face significant challenges — medically, emotionally and legally. Having a seasoned mesothelioma law firm on your side can provide the reassurance and vital support necessary when pursuing a mesothelioma claim. Handling asbestos cases in Kentucky, the experienced law firm of James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C., works diligently to protect our clients' rights and maximize the compensation they receive.

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We Are Efficient, Effective And Caring

The advantages of using an experienced mesothelioma law firm are the expertise and know-how ideveloped through years of handling numerous cases. You can rely on our legal strategies and dedication to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Our representation includes (but not limited to):

  • Thorough client interview to launch our investigation into your work history or past exposure to asbestos
  • Interview of co-workers and work site associates for evidence
  • In-depth research to identify liable parties and determine sources of compensation
  • Detailed preparation of case documentation
  • Effective case strategies to prove liability for asbestos exposure
  • Access to medical experts and other professionals to substantiate evidence
  • Careful analysis and use of experts to assess past, present and future damages
  • Ability to leverage negotiations in favor of our clients
  • Honed trial skills for effectively arguing your case in court

We Make Our Clients' Interests Top Priority

Because mesothelioma is generally not diagnosed until its later stages, managing the case in a timely and efficient manner is vitally important. The sooner a mesothelioma patient begins treatment, the more opportunity to improve the quality of life and survival. And families often need compensation to offset the high costs of treatment.

Our mesothelioma attorney has compassion for the families we work with in Kentucky and other states. We understand the demands of your situation and focus on moving your case as quickly as possible without sacrificing the ability to maximize compensation.

We provide aggressive representation to hold those companies accountable who negligently exposed workers to asbestos. In many cases, companies failed to notify workers of potential asbestos exposure and did not take preventative measures to lessen risk.

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