Asbestos: Who Is At Risk? Where Is It Used?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with properties that make it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. It is durable, can be mixed with other materials, acts as an excellent insulator, and is resistant to fire and chemicals. These properties made it attractive for manufacturers and companies to use asbestos in their products and buildings. However, it became apparent over time that people who were exposed to asbestos were developing mesothelioma years or decades after inhaling the fibers.

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At-Risk Individuals

Blue collar workers — including construction workers, brake specialists, building renovators, insulators, pipefitters, carpenters, electricians, boilermakers and sheet metal workers — who have been employed in certain industries have a greater risk of developing mesothelioma because of their job sites and the tools they used. Individuals were likely to be exposed to asbestos if they worked in:

  • Railroad yards
  • Chemical plants
  • Foundries
  • Mechanics shops
  • Glass factories
  • Power plants
  • Steel mills
  • Shipyards

Family members of employees from these industries are also more likely to develop mesothelioma because asbestos fibers would cling to the workers' clothes, carrying the dangerous material back to their homes.

West Virginia Job Sites Where Asbestos Was Used

If you worked at any of the following sites, you may have been exposed to asbestos:

Asbestos SiteCompany Name
AlbrightAlbright Power Station
AlloyUnion Carbide-Elkem Metals
AmmooreUnion Carbide Chemical Plant
Apple GroveGoodyear
Beech BottomDuPont Parkersburg-Washington
Beech BottomBeech Bottom Power Station
Beech BottomWheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Fabrication Plant
BelleDuPont Chemical Plant
BelleDiamond Shamrock
BelleOccidental Chemical
BluefieldN & W - Norfolk Southern Railway Co.
Cabin CreekCabin Creek Power Station
CaptinaKammer Power Station
CaptinaMitchell Power Station
CharlestonOwens Illinois
CharlestonLibby Owens Ford Glass
CharlestonCarnegie Steel
ClarksburgBrockway Glass Mfg Plant -Anchor-formerly Hazel Atlas
ClarksburgPPG Industries
FairmontOwens-Illinois Glass Plant
Falling RockElk River Refinery
FollansbeeFollansbee Steel
FollansbeeWheeling-Pittsburgh Coke Plant-Mountain State Carbon
FollansbeeWheeling Pittsburgh Steel
GlasgowGlasgow Power-Kanawha River Power Station
Graham StationPhilip Sporn Power Station
HaywoodHarrison Power Station
HuntingtonHuntington Alloy Specialty Metals Plant-formerly Inco Alloys
HuntingtonOwens-Illinois Glass Plant
HuntingtonBASF Corporation
HuntingtonKerr Glass Company
HuntingtonHoudaille Industries
HuntingtonConners Steel-HK Porter Steel of WV
HuntingtonACF Industries
HuntingtonC & O - CSX Shops
HuntingtonOwens Illinois
InstituteUnion Carbide
KenovaBig Sandy Power Station
KenovaNovamont Chemical-Aristech
KingwoodDiamond Shamrock-Chemicals, Inc.
LoganLogan Power Station
MaidsvilleFort Martin Power Station
MorgantownFort Martin Power Station
MoundsvilleAllied Chemical Plant
MoundsvilleKammer-Mitchell Power Station
Mount StormMount Storm Power Station
NatriumPPG Industries Chemical Plant
New HavenMountaineer Power Plant
New HavenAmerican Alloys-Foote Mineral-Vandium
New HavenAEP Central/Philip Sporn Power Plant
New MartinsvilleMobay Chemical-Miles Corp.
New MartinsvilleMonsanto Chemical
New MartinsvilleMobay Chemical Plant-Bayer
NewellQuaker State Refinery-Congo Plant
NitroAmerican Viscose Rayon Plant-FMC
NitroMonsanto Chemical Plant-Solutia
NitroAllied Chemical Company
NitroFike Chemical
NitroMonsanto Chemical
ParkersburgCorning Glass Company
ParkersburgAmerican Viscose Rayon Plant
ParkersburgDuPont Chemical Plant
ParkersburgMountain State Steel Castings Foundry
Point PleasantCelanese Chemical
Point PleasantGeneral Chemical
Point PleasantPantasote Chemical
Point PleasantWV Malleable Iron
Point PleasantStauffer-AKZO Chemical
RavenswoodKaiser Aluminum
RavenswoodRavenswood Glass Novelty Mfg Plant-Marble Factory
RivesvilleMonongahela Power Station/Rivesville Power Plant
ScaryJohn Amos Power Station-formerly Big Scary
SistersvilleUnion Carbide
SistersvilleSistersville Tank Works
South CharlestonUnion Carbide
South CharlestonUnion Carbide Tech Center
South CharlestonFMC
St. MarysWillow Island Power Station
StonewoodPPG Industries
ViennaOwens Illinois-Demuth-Brockway Glass
WeirtonWeirton Steel
WeirtonLouie Glass Company
WheelingBlauknox Steel
WheelingBlaw-Knox Rolls Foundry
WheelingMobay Chemical Plant
Willow IslandPleasants Power Station/Willow Island Power Station
Willow IslandAmerican Cyanamid-Ceytec Ind
WinfieldJohn Amos Power Station

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