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A spinal cord injury often results in a degree of paralysis, ranging from the loss of some motor and sensory function below the area of injury to a loss of almost all feeling and movement. While there is currently no way to reverse spinal cord damage, new treatments may lead to nerve cell regeneration or improved function of nerve cells. As the victim of a spinal cord injury, it's important to keep hope while preparing for your financial and medical needs.

At the law firm of James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C., in Charleston, our paralysis attorney has extensive experience helping injured people and family members obtain the compensation they need to deal with life-changing injuries. Our lawyer represents people who have suffered paralysis as the result of car accidents, railroad accidents and other types of negligence. We represent clients in West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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We Represent Quadriplegia And Paraplegia Victims

The higher on your spinal cord the injury occurs, the more motor and sensory functions are affected. Quadriplegia means that your arms, hands, trunk and legs are affected. Paraplegia means that your legs and part or all of your trunk is affected.

Anyone who suffers a serious spinal cord injury is likely to need home modifications, wheelchairs, adaptive equipment for motor vehicles, personal care attendants, vocational retraining and psychological counseling. You will also need resources to pay for new spinal injury treatments as they become available. The cost for your present and future needs can be millions of dollars.

Our lawyer has decades of experience advocating for the needs of catastrophic injury victims. We will not rest until we have identified every possible source of compensation that may apply in your case.

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