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The Legal Process

Filing a lawsuit can be a confusing process and, unlike us here at James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C., you probably haven’t gone through this before but we’re here to help. If you were in a car accident on your way to work or have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, or have been injured by a defective product, you may not be able to return to work immediately and your medical bills are stacking up. We are here to help you navigate the claims process and work to get the financial compensation you deserve.

Stages of Your Case

1. Investigation

After we discuss your case, we will investigate the particulars, including how your injury occurred and who the negligent parties are. Please note that most states have a statute of limitations on most personal injury cases, meaning you may have time limits from the date of the incident to seek compensation from the parties who caused your injury. So call us for more information.

2. Medical Records

We monitor your treatment and recovery and consult with your physician and other medical experts to determine your ongoing needs and your medical expenses to help us determine what damages to seek.

3. Filing Your Claim

After carefully evaluating your case and determining the damages you are owed, we file a claim against the appropriate parties on your behalf.

4. Settlement offer

The majority of our cases settle out of court when the negligent party offers a settlement to end the case. The amount may or may not be adequate to fully compensate you for your injuries. We review the settlement offer and advise you accordingly.

5. Litigation

In some cases, the parties who caused your injury don’t offer a fair settlement for your injuries. In these situations, we can take the matter to court where we can fight for the full amount you deserve.


What Expenses Are Eligible for Compensation

The value of your case depends on a number of factors, such as the cost of medical care and service, the amount of lost wages and the nature and severity of your pain and suffering.

Compensation for Medical Expenses

Personal injury lawsuits can help cover medical expenses including:

  • Treatment from physicians, nurses, chiropractors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical professionals
  • Assistance from physical and occupational therapists
  • Counseling and services from psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners
  • The ambulance ride and your hospital stay
  • Reconstructive or plastic surgery
  • MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, blood tests and other laboratory tests
  • Prescription medications and over-the-counter medications
  • Vehicle mileage for traveling to and from doctor appointments
  • Adaptive equipment such as crutches, slings, prosthetics, hearing aids, glasses and other devices you require due to your injuries
  • Necessary modifications to your home, such as installing a ramp or widening doorways for a wheelchair


To help us best represent your losses, it’s helpful if you keep detailed records of your expenses. This includes copying any bills you receive, keeping your receipts for medications, logging the miles you spend driving to therapy appointments and documenting other costs. Keeping these records will help ensure you are fully compensated.

Compensation for Lost Wages

Damages awarded in a personal injury lawsuit can also cover lost wages. In order to recover lost wages, we may ask you to obtain various items such as:

  1. A statement from your doctor explaining you are currently unable to work because of your injuries.
  2. Documentation from your employer listing the amount of money you would have earned if you had been able to return to work right away.

Should You Accept A Settlement?

No two cases are the same, so settlement offers vary depending on such factors as the injuries involved, the cost of treatment and wages lost. In order to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, you need a knowledgeable advocate on your side who evaluates the unique details of your case and provides trustworthy counsel. James F. Humphreys has over 40 years of experience to ensure you get exactly that.

Questions To Ask When Considering A Settlement Offer

When our clients are offered a settlement we take the time to read it over and advise our client if it adequately covers their situation or if they deserve better.

If an insurance company offers you a settlement, it is wise to consider it from all angles before accepting it. Here are some things we look at in evaluating settlement offers:

  • Does the settlement offer take into account all your current medical expenses — which may include mileage to and from doctor appointments, prosthetics, the cost of prescription medications and more?
  • Does it account for any future medical expenses, such as the need for ongoing physical therapy or reconstructive surgery years down the road?
  • Does it fully cover your lost wages due to time off work?
  • Does it account for any wages you could have earned in the future but now cannot due to your injuries?
  • Does it reimburse you for property damage, such as extensive damage to your vehicle?
  • Does it compensate you for all the pain, suffering and emotional distress you have endured and may continue to endure?
  • If you lost a loved one, does the settlement compensate you for the loss of companionship? Does it fully cover all funeral expenses?

We don’t get paid unless you do

We handle all accident and personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. This means we only get paid if we recover money for you. You don’t pay any fees upfront so you can focus on your recovery rather than paying bills.