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Birth Injury Lawsuits

Parents whose babies suffered birth injuries often have a compelling need to know what caused these situations. At first, the question of why may seem more important than financial factors, since the family is devastated and wants explanations more than anything. Unfortunately, medical bills and the enormous costs of care stack up quickly, making the cost of a birth injury high, including a lifetime of needed care.

James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C. has the resources necessary to develop a strong birth injury lawsuit. We understand that no amount of compensation can make up for the pain and loss you and your family have suffered, and the diminution of life your child will suffer after a birth injury. But you will have high expenses after this type of injury and to cover your medical bills and other financial costs, you will need compensation from the party or parties causing this injury.

We welcome inquiries from parents whose child suffered fetal death, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), cerebral palsy, brain injury or other serious injuries during the prenatal period, during labor, or during delivery. Call us today for a free initial consultation.

Birth Injuries   

Birth injuries can cost parents hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and can have lifetime consequences. Certain injuries can lead to disorders such as birth injury, Cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy or shoulder dystocia that will limit a child’s development and capabilities.

Depending on the severity of the fetal trauma, the child may need help and accommodations throughout childhood and possibly into adulthood such as:

  • Extensive testing and evaluations
  • Medical treatment
  • Therapy
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Special education
  • Personal assistance

It may not be possible to fully assess the projected extent of a child’s disability for some time. Expert opinions from both medical and economic experts are essential to the construction of compelling arguments in support of fair compensation for the child and his or her family after a birth injury. James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C. has a national network of experts we can call on to help us properly estimate the cost of your child’s injuries.

Fetal Distress

Fetal distress refers to any situation where the fetus appears unhealthy or in danger. If fetal distress is not diagnosed and treated in time, the baby can suffer serious injuries. Many cases of fetal distress result in brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen to the fetus during the birthing process. Sadly, the result can be severe lifelong medical problems or the death of the infant.

Oxygen deficiency can be caused by events such as the umbilical cord wrapping around the neck, a twisted or compressed umbilical cord, or remaining in the birth canal for too long. If the fetus does not receive enough oxygen, it can suffer brain damage in minutes.

Brain damage to a fetus can result in serious developmental disabilities such as speech problems, learning disabilities and motor skill problems. Cerebral palsy, seizures and epilepsy can also be caused by brain damage resulting from oxygen deficiency.

Lack of oxygen and other types of fetal distress can be caused by medical negligence such as:

  • Failure to monitor fetus
  • Failure to perform a C-section
  • C-section errors
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) injuries
  • Failure to call a specialist for complex births
  • Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes

When medical malpractice causes an injury or death, you may hold the individual party and the facility liable for your losses. We will review your case to determine whether malpractice was responsible for your child’s injury.

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