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Environmental Pollution

Pollution refers to toxins or dangerous substances being released into the environment and causing damage to those who encounter it. Emissions from manufacturing plants, logging companies, natural gas and oil companies, and agricultural estates can contaminate water and food supplies as well as sail and become airborne. Pollutants can be deadly and the companies that release them may be held responsible for the injuries and diseases they cause.

Our law firm can aggressively represent people who have acquired illnesses or experienced serious financial losses as a result of contact with environmental pollution such as air, soil or water contamination. In some cases, financial compensation may be available in cases where property damage results from chemical contamination.

Diseases Caused by Pollution

There is a long list of diseases that have been linked to environmental pollutants over the years, ranging from breathing problems to cancer and birth defects. You can be exposed to pollutants on the job if you work in certain industries, or at home if companies dump waste near your water source. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a disease caused by a toxin or pollutant, you may be eligible for financial compensation related to your situation.

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