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Mining, Oil and Gas Accidents

At the law firm of James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C. we have a deep respect for the men and women who work in the mining, oil and gas industries. We are also aware of the danger these industries place their employees in on a daily basis and we represent workers and their families when an injury or death occurs.

Workers can be injured in a number of ways at mining, oil and gas sites. Here are some of the more common accident scenarios:

  • Coal mining injuries — Coal miners are often in danger of developing serious diseases from breathing in coal or quartz dust. One of the most common and potentially deadly conditions is black lung disease. Miners can also be injured by unsafe conditions, collapsing roofs, electrocution and numerous other causes.
  • Surface mining injuries — These workers are at risk for injuries from slag disposal, black lung, silicosis and more.
  • Hydraulic fracturing accidents — Whether you call it hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracking or just fracking, this method of extracting natural gas in West Virginia poses many dangers. The brine releases chemicals that can cause chemical burns, chemicals can contaminate drinking water, heavy machinery used can malfunction, and more.
  • Drilling accidents — Drilling for gas and oil has many opportunities for injuries to occur, particularly if equipment is defective or poorly maintained.
  • Gas well accidents — Gas well incidents at Marcellus Shale and other sites can be serious or even fatal. They may involve pipeline explosions, tanker truck or water truck crashes and other accidents.

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Strict time limitations apply after workplace accidents, which could bar your claim from being eligible for compensation. Our initial consultation is free, so contact us today to discuss your case and make sure you are in the best position to recover compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

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