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Are You or a Loved One Struggling with a
Traumatic Brain Injury?

Jim Humphreys was past President of the Brain Injury Association of America and has also received the preferred attorney designation by the Brain Injury Association of America.

Brain injuries can carry side effects that can last a lifetime. A simple concussion during a sporting event may seem routine but it can have a lasting effect. Because the brain is not fully developed, children are at a higher risk of lasting physical problems, as well as emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems.

A traumatic brain injury can be caused from blunt force trauma, falls, automobile and ATV accidents, and from a wide range of other causes. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a traumatic brain injury—you should reach out to us. We have extensive knowledge helping others in these types of cases.

There are lasting effects from brain injuries that can impact you and your family for a lifetime. Emotional, physical and cognitive deficits can have devastating long term effects on you and your family. We have the knowledge and experience to recover monies necessary for care and to compensate the injured for their loss of enjoyment of a full and healthy life. This is important to make sure that your health and wellbeing have the best rehabilitation, treatment and care plan available. Jim Humphreys is the former President of the Brain Injury Association of America, and he and his team are dedicated to helping you through these difficult circumstances.

In a time when you might be scared or have anxiety about the future—know that attorney Jim Humphreys and his team are committed to helping you when you need it most. Call us now at 304-303-5510, or simply fill out this contact form, and one of our team members will get back with you promptly.

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