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Hooked Up With Rob Haynes

Rob is a past employee of James F. Humphreys and Associates, who still keeps in touch with Jim (James Humphreys). Rob and Jim both love West Virginia—and you can learn more about Rob’s story below. Be sure to check out the link below to some of Rob’s fishing stories on his YouTube channel: “Hooked Up.”

“I was born and raised in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Growing up in a rural area outside of Charleston I spent my childhood exploring the creeks, woods and river banks of the Pocatalico River. Fishing and hunting were common family activities and I’ve always had a great love for the outdoors.

In recent years I’ve become increasingly interested in the YouTube phenomenon. Following the example of YouTubers such as Pig Patrol TV, River Certified and Richard Gene the fishing machine I set out to create my own channel. In late 2021 I started uploading videos of my fishing adventures. Primarily focusing on flathead catfish. It has become one of my passions and I constantly strive to capture interesting content and share it with the online community.

The channel’s following has gradually increased, which has encouraged me to improve the quality of my videos. Initially I used only one action camera. As my aspirations have increased the motivation for better videos has led me to include multiple cameras to more efficiently bring the experiences to life.” – Rob Haynes