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Local boy severely injured while boarding school bus

A boy, who is 14 years old, is recovering from serious injuries after a motorist struck him as he was attempting to get on a bus to go to school for the day. While he was taken to an area hospital in Charleston in critical condition, his present status is not known.

Police say the driver who hit the boy remained at the scene of the accident and answered questions posed by law enforcement officers who were investigating the accident. The driver admitted that he simply did not notice the school bus and thus hit the child. The impact with the child was significant enough to disable the driver’s car.

Police indicate they are planning to cite the driver with some violation of West Virginia’s traffic laws. However, they are waiting on some information from the school bus operator to decide what violation to cite the driver with, as the citation will be more serious if the school bus actually had its red lights flashing and its stop sign extended.

This case illustrates how important it is for West Virginia motorists to use extra care and caution when around school buses and to be on the lookout both for them and for the pupils who are tying to get on and off of them in the mornings and afternoons. Not only is this the law in West Virginia, it is also a matter of careful and considerate driving.

In addition to whatever criminal penalty the police decide on, the child and his family may be eligible to receive compensation from the driver for things like medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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